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The Craftsperson’s Guide To Purchasing a Sewing Machine

sewing machines and how to buy them

Since the sewing machine came into existence, not only has it never gone out of style, but it has improved with the times. Those of us who grew up with seamstresses and crafty, artsy mothers, remember the constant roaring noise of the older sewing machines. The sound represented the gift of a new dress; uniforms for school, or this year’s Easter outfit. Sewing machines do a lot more than create household items and new outfits; they create memories.


For the artsy, crafty people today, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to sewing machines; and before making a purchase, it’s wise to consider how you will be using it. Are you a tailor, making suits, jackets, and dresses or more of a craftsperson working on artistic projects, or a bit of both?


We offer you a simple guide explaining what to look for in a sewing machine to assure that it suits your creative and crafting needs:


Sewing Machine Brands

There are a few major sewing machine brands out there that you will come across when you’re shopping. Singer, Kenmore, Brother, and Pfaff; to name a few of the most popular. When making a decision, consider the construction and where the machine is made. Many consumers prefer to purchase products that are “Made in America”; but if that doesn’t matter to you, then your options have widened.


Decide if you want to purchase a mid-range priced sewing machine with great quality, like the Janome family of sewing machines, or go more high-end, like Bernina or Viking. If you are at a level in craftsmanship that requires a more sturdy, super quality machine; I would steer away from lower-end purchases as you may need to purchase again after a couple years of use.


Sewing Machine Features

Though sewing machines are all basically the same; they don’t all function in the same way. Consider the types of projects you will be creating and then match the sewing machine to fit those needs. Some machines come with specialty feet, some with quilting features, and many have options for stretch stitches, and one-step buttonholes.


When you purchase, don’t go too far to the low-end of the spectrum, or you may grow out of the machine in a very short period of time. But we certainly don’t recommend purchasing the most expensive sewing machine either, as it may have tons of features you may never use. If you are an avid seamstress, tailor, or craftsperson, it’s best to stay in the mid-range category.


Sewing Machine Prices

Stay within a price range that is most comfortable for you; remembering that mid-range is the safest. If you think of your sewing machine purchase, like a car purchase; then you will understand not buying the most high-end car on the lot, but also not buying the cheapest in price and quality. Over time, you will simply end up spending more money in replacements.


Sewing machines can be found online at many Internet retailers, or you can visit a local shop where you can ask questions and help support local business at the same time.

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