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The History of Lace

the history of lace


Season after season, lace is featured everywhere. From the catwalks of London and New York, to white lacey summer dresses, to black and red winter lace that that puts us in the holiday spirit. When did lace start appearing in our everyday lives? What makes it so attractive? Lace, one of the most highly used fabrics nowadays, is made from yarn or thread in an open web-like pattern. This fabric can be made by hand or by using a machine. The intricate designs that lace usually appears in typically attract the women’s eye for fashion.



The Origins of Lace

Royals such as queens, duchesses, and other women up high in the hierarchy were the first ones to start the lace trend. They would wear this intricate fabric to events like weddings, crowning ceremonies, and other important affairs. Lace was almost a possession that showed that you and/or your family were wealthy and had a high social status. As time went on, lace became more popular to the commoners, or the members of the working class. In the 1920s, the flappers wore lace clothing; and later in history, actors, singers, and other performers wore lace outfits and costumes, which provoked their audiences to want to dress similarly.


Modern Lace

Now, lace has become one of the most popular fabrics to use for clothing and accessories for people of all ages; it is no longer used for just special events, costumes, or royal weddings. People now can even stitch their own lace to make homemade products. This has become a common hobby for sewing and crafting enthusiasts.


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