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Throwing A Crafting Party

Craft Party | Lace Heaven

Autumn is coming and it’s the perfect time to throw a crafting party. During the Fall and Winter people tend to spend much more time indoors; and throwing a crafting party is a fun way to socialize, and get yourself, and others out of the seasonal slump.


Most artsy people, know other artsy people. You know the old saying, “birds of a feather, flock together”. Well, most people who love to spend their free time sewing, knitting, making collages, and other crafts; love to share these passions with friends and family. So inviting a few craft buddies over for drinks, appetizers, and access to plenty of sewing and art supplies; is a wonderful way to spend a Fall evening.


Steps to throwing a memorable crafts party:


1. Send out some fun and whimsical invitations; preferably ones you make yourself. This will put everyone in the mood to create. Sending actual physical invitations by mail, is becoming a thing of the past, and will bring joy and delight to your guests.


2. Select three or four craft ideas for the evening. If you know that everyone will be knitting and crocheting, or working with watercolors and glitter; you can organize the craft supplies and the space in the room, much easier.


3. Create a signature cocktail, and mocktail, for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages; and link it to your crafting theme for the evening. Choose colors that not only whet the appetite, but also inspire your guests. Pink Ladys, or any tropical combination of juices and fruit; are perfect for the occasion.


4. Ask a few guests to arrive early and be a part of creating the appetizers. Small bites of food are simple to make and eat, when you are engaged in activity. Choose a simple menu of two to three items, and have a few friends help you assemble the party tray before the other guests arrive.


5. Designate craft corners in your home. Place the supplies for those specific crafts in its designated corner. Hang fun poser signs up, like “Watercolors and Glitter over here!”.


6. End the evening with a time that everyone can share what they’ve created, or a long-term project they have chosen to begin. Guests can even choose to swap finished crafts as gifts, particularly during the holiday seasons.


The whole point of a crafting party, is to be inspired to create and have fun with people of like-mind. Keep it simple, by adding bright colors to your decor for the evening. This type of event should not be stressful to plan or organize.


Now go send out your crafty little invitations, and let’s get this party started!

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