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Tips for Keeping Your Sewing Supplies Organized

Organized sewing room

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We all know organization is the best way to keep any room clean, especially project rooms. Scraps, small tools and tangibles pile up quickly, meaning you could be cleaning that room on a daily basis. Consider setting up a new organization method for your sewing room or area, it’s a fun project and it will leave you with more time for fun projects and crafts!

A meticulously organized sewing room will allow you to employ a strict ‘clean-as-you-go’ method, making the clean-up process much easier, and much quicker. Make a strong commitment to yourself to follow your new method, putting everything away in its designated place. After you do a few projects like this, you won’t have to think about it anymore, putting things away will become a natural habit, and you’ll notice less stress during your projects.

First, you might have to go shopping. Consult our suggested shopping list below, followed by ten great tips for revamping or starting a cozy sewing room.

What to Buy?
• Purchase many clear bins, in various sizes. Grab a few colored ones if you wish, but make sure most of them are clear. Think about your supplies and try to buy containers accordingly.
• Pick up a few extra storage containers. You can usually find great Rubbermaid containers at most department stores.
• Look for simple, yet attractive shelving.
• You’ll need large permanent markers & tape or a label maker
• Find a large cork board with a dry erase board for ideas, sentiments, and brainstorming.


Here are some great shelf ideas, which you can find right at Wal-Mart.

organized ribbon

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10 Tips for Organizing a Sewing Room


1. Sketch the room, and note everything. From the electrical outlets, to the location of the windows, visualize the room on paper.


2. Consider rearranging the furniture in the room, a change of scenery is good for your mind.


3. Display some of your favorite projects or works of art to help inspire you, and change these often. Your mind loves to look at new things, even if you don’t realize it. Update the room’s aesthetics often.

4. Think for a while about where you place your cutting table. If you like aesthetically pleasing views, consider putting the table in front of a large open window, or set up a nice radio near the table if you’re a music lover.

5. Once the room is clean and ready, organize your materials out on the floor. Pick a method that works for you, organize by color, function, size, or even alphabetically.


6.Use the small clear bins to contain the things you use most often, the clear makes it great because you can see what you need without having to open a thousand containers.


7. Use a label maker to clearly mark all bins. This helps you remain diligent about putting things away, but it also reduces messes if you have guests over for projects or teamwork.

8. Some things are too pointless to put away, like scissors and pincushions. Create yourself a small shelf or bin of things that can stay out. It’s okay to leave some things out, as long as they have a designated location.


9. Hang a dry-erase/cork board combo for sentiments, notes, invites, reminders, tips, and more! Pin inspiring ideas and quotes close to your workstation, it will help your motivation.


10. DIY the whole room, since it’s a craft room, diy projects will look phenomenal and they will make the room look cozy. Head over to Pinterest & Imgfave for some cool DIY decor ideas!

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