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Top Ten DIY Father’s Day Crafts


Father's DayFather’s Day is right around the corner; do you know what you’re getting dad? Here at Lace Heaven, we have compiled a list of our favorite DIY gifts that dad will love, and actually use! Follow our guide to find the perfect gift for your dad or grandpa:

 1. Shirt Cards and Gift Boxes

Whether you have already purchased dad a store bought gift or are looking for something to place your homemade gift in, this shirt shaped gift box is the perfect DIY craft for Father’s Day! The only supplies you need are cardstock, scissors and a ruler. Add your own flair to the project with buttons for the “shirt” and ribbon to make the tie. Click here for instructions.

 2. Hand Print Necktie

A fun craft to make with the kids, this sentimental gift is also wearable!  Trace your kids’ hands onto contact paper and cut them out. Place the paper hands down firmly onto the tie and start painting! Click here for instructions.

 3. DIY Coffee Sleeve

A simple and easy craft that dad can use every day, try making a DIY coffee sleeve. All you need is an old button down shirt, scissors and a coffee cup! This design is made to fit most travel coffee mugs. Click here for instructions.

4. Homemade Fishing Lures

For the dad who loves to fish, make him some fishing lures for Father’s Day and then spend a day out on the water testing them out together. Wide Open Spaces offers an assortment of homemade fishing lure ideas, but #4 is our favorite. All you need is a wine cork, a fishing hook and a bottle cap. If you’re making the project with young kids, let them paint and decorate the corks for a special touch! Click here for instructions.

 5. Kid’s Art Cufflinks

Make dad cufflinks he will cherish for years to come. Use shrink film and cuff link blacks to make this artistic craft. Let the kids create their masterpieces on the shrink paper using colored pencils or permanent markers, then shrink them down and cut them out. Click here for instructions.

 6. Shirt & Tie Pencil Holder

Work with the kids to make this fun and efficient craft for dad’s office. All you need is an empty soup can, white contract paper, ribbon and buttons. Make the project more fun and unique by letting the kids design and sign the “shirt” before applying the paper.  Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions

 7. Sharpie Mug Craft

For the dad who loves coffee, make this creative and unique mug for Father’s Day. A coffee mug is a simple yet memorable gift that dad will be able to use every day. To make this fun project, purchase a white ceramic mug, painter’s pens and stickers. We recommend purchasing letter stickers to spell out “Dad”. Wash and dry the mug, then apply the stickers. Let the kids color on the mug however they would like, then peel off the stickers and bake the mug in the oven. Click here for instructions.

8. Soda Can Coasters

Make dad coasters out of the empty cans of his favorite beverage! Just remember that the cans can be very sharp as you cut them to size. We recommend wearing thick gardening gloves while putting together this great gift. Besides the soda cans, all you need is a pair of scissors, silicone, white tiles and felt pads. Click here for instructions.

9. Grilling Prep Plates

Have a dad who loves to grill? Design your own grill prep plates using white ceramic plates and painters pens. Use stencils to write out “Best Dad Ever” or a similar phrase, or if you have young kids, let them design the plates themselves. Either way, dad is sure to love this thoughtful and useful gift! Click here for instructions.

10. Father’s Day Cards

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to make your dad a card for Father’s Day. Let him know how much you love and appreciate him, today and every day. Click here and here for instructions to two of our favorite card designs!

Happy Crafting from Lace Heaven, and don’t forget to share your projects with us! Enjoy making these fun gifts for dad and have a great Father’s Day.

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