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Using Lace to Decorate Your Holiday Desserts


Have you ever thought about using lace to decorate your cakes, pies, muffins, and baked goods? Lace can be used in a multitude of ways to create a beautiful, classic look for your culinary endeavors. Turn your baking into the centerpiece of your holiday celebration with these lace inspired tips.


Make Impressions in Fondant

Fondant is an incredibly wonderful material to work with in baking. Whether you are making cupcake accessories, using it to frost a cake, or using it to mold cake decorations, fondant is incredibly flexible and beautiful. This technique works best for cakes and other sheeted fondant forms. Once your fondant is in place, cover with lace and press the lace into the fondantĀ  – either with a rolling pin or applied pressure. Remove the lace and you have a subtle and elegant design. Another unique take on this technique can be found on The Cake Blog.


Stenciled Powdered Sugar

This technique is especially popular with darker cheesecakes, pumpkin pies, or chocolate cakes. Once your dessert is frosted or has finished baking, cover it gently with a large piece of lace. Simply sprinkle powdered sugar over top and gently remove the lace. The result should be a gorgeous and delicate white lace pattern.


Crust Impressions

As you are laying out the crust for your pie, or even you shortbread or sugar cookies, simply lay a piece of decorative lace over top and roll over with a rolling pin. Once you peel the lace off, you’ll be left with a simple and beautiful pattern to add extra elegance to your cookies and pies.


Platter Decorations

Lace can easily be incorporated beneath desserts to add an extra design element to platters and plates of baked holiday desserts. You can also use lace doilies to help with wrapping cookies into small packages.


Muffin or Cupcake Tin Liners

It’s so easy to use lace doilies as cupcake or muffin tin liners. Simply use a large doily and cut a portion of the outer lace. Check out this site for more directions. This site also has another unique approach for using doilies as muffin or cupcake liners.


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